What I’m watching: May 17

Grading papers has occupied a lot of my time and thoughts lately, so I’ll just give  an update on what I’m watching.  Netflix has lately granted me the “bonus” fourth DVD as part of their promotion.  Here’s the current list:

1)The Road to Perdition (I’ve had this DVD over a week, and can’t bring myself to watch it.  See my previous post about violence.)

2) Brief Encounter (Early David Lean, with a script by Noel Coward.  I’m looking forward to it.)

3) Experimental Cinema / ’20s & 30s: Disc 1 (This is the first disc of a collection of early Avant Garde films.  I’ll probably post next about Man Ray and films like The Return to Reason which are on the disk.  There’s also a fantastic short I watched last night called The Life and Death of 9413, a Hollywood Extra.  More on that soon as well.)

4)  My Neighbor Tortoro

(I’m a big Miyazaki fan.  I think I’ve seen this before.  I want to see it again.)


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BA, Theater and Speech Communication; English:Creative Writing. Siena Heights University, 2002. MFA, Film Production. Boston University, 2005
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2 Responses to What I’m watching: May 17

  1. Jason Vates says:

    My Neighbor Totoro!? You’re an anime fan!? So cool. 😀
    What of Miyazaki’s other works do you like?

    My next 4 Netflix:

    The Tale of Despereaux
    Be Kind Rewind
    Sweet Land (at your recommendation)
    Synecdoche, New York

    Have you seen any of these(besides SweetLand?) I’m most excited for Synecdoche. Having liked Eternal Sunshine and Being John Malcovich I’m excited to see Charlie Kaufman as a director. Stars Philip Seymour Hoffman too.

    I’m excited for summer popcorn movie nights! Yay!

  2. jenletherer says:

    I did see “Synecdoche, NY,” but I’m afraid I didn’t like it very much. It highlighted some interesting things about theater, but included all the aspects of theater life that I abhor, and ran an hour longer than it should have.

    I hope it’s more enjoyable for you!

    I’m a fan of all Miyazaki:) More to come on that subject.

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