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Levity, Fantasy, and Symbolic Imagery (or: Up, up, up, on a rainbow of love).

Disney/Pixar’s new release Up is garnering great box office and critical praised, the majority of which is well deserved.  The question these days seems not to be “will Pixar make a worthwhile film?” but “can they top the last one?”  … Continue reading

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What I’m watching, 6/24/09

I have plans to go see Up this weekend. In the meantime, here’s an update. Currently from Netflix: –Unseen Cinema Volume One. Some fascinating early shorts.  Last night I watched a silent film made in the 30s by Elia Kazan … Continue reading

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Critique Me, Kate

It’s summer, and theaters are amok with films labeled “critic proof.”  Summer blockbusters are often a dime-a-dozen bunch made to draw a few big weekends and fade quickly away like so many Fourth of July fireworks.  Does anybody still remember … Continue reading

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What I’m watching: June 6th

The weather has been great, and I’ve not been spending a lot of time watching movies lately, but here’s a Netflix update. Coming up next in my cue: Strike Up the Band – Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. Gershwin.  I’ve … Continue reading

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