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Was that Inception, or was I just dreaming?

The final shot of the film is a slow zoom on an object in motion.  The screen cuts to black.  Credits roll.  A collective sigh of disappointment goes up from the audience.  I laugh out loud.  My movie buddy Chris, … Continue reading

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Toy Story 3: Trademarks, Hoarders, and Belonging

My favorite film historian/critic Jeanine Basinger readily proclaims that Hollywood films tout mixed ideologies. A feature film may have a message, and it may even seem pretty straightforward, for better or worse. With very little (if any) exception, however, a … Continue reading

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What’s the Matter with Escapism, Colonel Sanders…Chicken?

How much of cinematic critique is hot air?  My spring Intro to Film class (holla, film students) posed a question for discussion that I’m still mulling over:  when, if ever, is cinematic escapism a good thing? Here is my conclusion:  … Continue reading

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