The Christian Hipster’s Guide to the Movies

One of the definitions for Hipster at is “one who uses the word ‘ironic’ but has no idea what it means.”

Hipsters, a chic, witty, urban subculture of cool, love movies. They like fringe movies, foreign movies, campy movies, Wes Anderson movies, and most especially, the movies they think no one else is watching.

Christian Hipsters are a rapidly growing subculture of this subculture. A precise definition of Christian Hipsters cannot be articulated, as they are far too post-modern. However, one can spot telltale signs of Christian Hipsterism.

For instance, a person with a shaggy haircut with lots of product, listening to Owl City on their iPod, wearing skinny jeans and a vintage sweater, with a faded, dog-eared copy of Chuck Klosterman in their messenger bag, might be a Christian Hipster. Or, Christian Hipsters know what McGee and Me is, and would love to live in Paris. Or, Christian Hipsters send tweets with Bible references from coffee shops on their street, and update Facebook with a pop culture reference from the coffee shop in their church.

Christian Hipsters also love movies. They also love obscure movies, foreign movies, black and white movies, any movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Paul Dano, and especially any movies that the larger Christian Evangelical culture may have dismissed because it was not based on a Janette Oke novel.

For the next undetermined amount of time, Apt Metaphor will be exploring movies that Christian Hipsters ought to watch, might like making snarky comments about, or are already watching. If any Christian Hipsters would like to leave witty comments, they are more than welcome.


About jenletherer

BA, Theater and Speech Communication; English:Creative Writing. Siena Heights University, 2002. MFA, Film Production. Boston University, 2005
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2 Responses to The Christian Hipster’s Guide to the Movies

  1. todayiwatchedamovie says:

    Ugh. McGee and Me creeped me out as a kid.

  2. Bethany says:

    so I may not dress hipster and probably categorized as nerdy mom by now but I like to think underneath it all I’m a Christian Hipster 😉

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