The Christian Hipster’s Guide STRIKES BACK!

After nearly a year spent focused on a manuscript, The Christian Hipster’s Guide to the Movies returns. This merits a celebration (cue the dancing Ewoks). And what better celebration than a Star Wars reference in the post’s title, and some interactivity?

And what could compliment  a celebration more than google searching for funny images?

And what could compliment a celebration more than google searching for funny images?

Are you really a Christian Hipster Cinephile?


Take this 10 question quiz and find out. Remember to keep track of your points!

Thank you Banksy, thank you.

Thank you Banksy, thank you.

1) Give yourself five points if you’ve ever had a conversation about Quentin Tarantino while standing in a church.


Our love for this movie lasted more than 500 days…



2) Five points each if you own any of the following: the books Blue Like Jazz or Irresistible Revolution -or- the films Little Miss Sunshine or 500 Days of Summer._



You sold out Biblical principles...for sweeties...

You sold out Biblical principles…for sweeties…

3) If you’re still recovering from Disney/Walden Media’s attempt to make The Chronicles of Narnia into a film series and you:

a) would rather the entire world forgot about everything to do with that except Tilda Swinton’s performance as the White Witch (5 points).

b) really had the biggest problem with the bad theology in that terrible attempt to bring Voyage of the Dawn Treader to the screen (3 points).

c) would rather that the entire world forgot about everything to do with that except Tilda, and Liam Neeson voicing Aslan…and James McAvoy as Tumus..and that cute kid who played Lucy…oh, and James Broadbent as the Professor… (1 point, you’re not fooling anyone).

i.chzbgr4) If you own either Beauty and the BeastThe Lion King or The Little Mermaid give yourself 5 points.  If you own all three you get zero. That’s way too mainstream.

310183_121112818038469_2147053677_n5) If you’re drinking an espresso-based beverage while taking this quiz, tack on 5 points.

nolan meme36) If you’ve had a conversation in which “Christopher Nolan” and “Christ figure” were used in the same sentence, give yourself 5.

tumblr_l9j6yeF3HY1qcpj7w7) If you’ve tried to get at least one member of your family or a pastor to watch The Passion of Joan of Arc or The Seventh Seal that’s another 5.


8) If you’ve given instructions (or planned to) to a significant other to be more like (2 points for each name)  A)(For a male significant other) Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Ryan Gosling, or Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  B)(For a female) Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Zoe Deschanel, or Anne Hathaway.

images9)If your iTunes as a full length movie that is either black and white or in a non-English language and a video you’ve been working on for a worship service, that’s another 5.

le-miserable10)If you’re still talking about Les Mis but you’re glad the hype is gone, give yourself 5 more points!

Now total it up:

0-15 points: Look up the word “cinephile,” you might need a refresher.

16-30 points: You’ve earned the right to wear some hipster glasses, but it’s time to update your Netflix queue.

31-50 points: Not bad, Christian Hipster. Now that you’re done with this quiz, go back to posting on your tumblr.

51-70 points: Film snobs and Christian Hipsters rejoice! But don’t get too uppity, elitism is so mainstream…



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BA, Theater and Speech Communication; English:Creative Writing. Siena Heights University, 2002. MFA, Film Production. Boston University, 2005
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