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BA, Theater and Speech Communication; English:Creative Writing. Siena Heights University, 2002. MFA, Film Production. Boston University, 2005

Why This Christian Film Prof Loves RuPaul’s Drag Race

So, in response, I have to be honest. Much as I find fault with most reality television shows, and much as I do have some reservations (frankly, I do about everything on television), they are outweighed by the factors I mention. I have been a tried and true fan of Drag Race for years. I’ve been watching it for a long, long time. But I have refrained from talking about it openly. I have, well, kelp my love for RuPaul in the closet. Continue reading

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(Another) Open Letter To Carrie Fisher

Dear Carrie Fisher, I know you won’t ever read this, since, well, you passed away this morning, but that’s not the point—well, actually, in a roundabout way it is. I’m writing you this letter to thank you. Actually, I’m writing … Continue reading

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Rogue One: making Star Wars great again?

Note: there are no real spoilers, just hints at them, but be advised. It’s clear that the America of 2016 is a nation divided. After having seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story this weekend (in 3D, with, yes, my 69 … Continue reading

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In Praise of “Bad” Movies

One of the most ridiculous things to ever happen in the world of film criticism is the Roger and Ebert “thumbs up/thumbs down” approach to watching movies. That’s a good movie, or that’s a bad movie, is too quick an … Continue reading

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Reflections on Independence, Expression, and All the Professional Ladies

The opening of Rebecca Traister’s remarkable 2016 book All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of the Independent Nation is a quote, a question posed by the great girl reporter Nellie Bly (who inspired the likes of Lois … Continue reading

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Finding Dory’s (and other story’s) Lessons

Here’s a question: If it is vital for parents to understand not just the content of films aimed at children, but the “lessons” those films teach, why aren’t more people paying attention to the “lessons” that all films teach? I … Continue reading

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Box Office Proselytizing

In the latest issue of MovieMaker magazine there is an article by Heidi Honeycutt entitled “Box Office Prophets.” Basically, the article examines the rise in popularity of films made by and marketed to Evangelical Christians. Honeycutt mentions the commercial viability … Continue reading

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